Follow your quest for trading

Inspiration for your next trade can come from anywhere, and it’s always there waiting, ready to be recognized. Sometimes you just need the right trigger- maybe while meditating in a park or hiking outdoors; sometimes, all we need is our own two feet walking down familiar streets at work!

The Forex market is open 24/5, so you can always jump in.

When big news about mergers between giant companies  is announced, this will send waves across industries and shake up the global economy for everyone who relies on trade-based revenue streams. A single event like the brash captain falling asleep at the wheel while passing through Suez Canal could have an impact not just on local financial markets but on global financial markets as well.

XCITE app:
A trading navigator

We know you’re always on-the go, so we designed our app with the busy trader in mind. The XCITE app includes features like live currency quotes and graphs that have been developed to enable traders to monitor their positions from anywhere at any time.

360° trading awareness

There are many ways to stay ahead of the game in any market, including being aware of the latest market news. The XCITE app will
keep you abreast of all important news that can affect your trading decisions! The XCITE app filters for you all the relevant market
news from around the globe and provides insights on what’s trending and how that will affect your investment strategies

A map for your trading hunt

The Economic calendar is one of the most important things to look at when trading. It can tell you whether there will be a long-term
trend or just a slight ripple in one market because events in that period affect other markets. A big picture outlooks on economic news could influence your trading decisions.

Always cross-check your situational market signals with our Economic calendar, and you’ll know whether there will be a long-term trend or just some slight ripples as in certain situations, events on top of each other can amplify their power while dampening one another’s

An A.I. trading assistant

The Autochartist feature on the XCITE app simplifies your trading habits with technical analysis. It is a real timesaver and will even make volatility analyses for you! In other words, it tells you when an asset price moves faster, which helps in opening or closing positions accordingly. The best part about this tool? Anyone with access to the platform can access it.

Need Help? Visit our help section
Need Help?
Visit our help section

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