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XCITE is a bespoke trading platform built for traders like you. It provides access to global markets and handy features such as Marketing news and “Trading Insider” that gives an insight into what other traders are doing towards a particular symbol.

Finansero has got all sorts of goodies in the XCITE platform, and Autochartist is one of our clients’ favourite. It is intelligent, intuitive, and deals with all the hassle so that you can get a digestible amount of information.

Key functionalities of XCITE

Stop loss and take profit – User-friendly functionalities when you want to keep yourself away from overtrading

The Stop Loss and Take XCITE functionalities – they will close any open positions when you reach a preset amount of loss or profit

There are over 300 different trading tools available to traders. Discover your favorite one!

Trade CFDs on shares and indices with our online trading platform. You can start your journey with Finansero by investing in a CFD of a big tech company or almost any currency in the world! We also offer CFDs on synthetic derivatives.


These two options represent just a fraction of the many intelligent features that the XCITE platform offers.

Our Customer Support Team will guide you through every aspect of our trading platform so that we can all make the most out of it.

XCITE’s tools for online trading navigation

  • Full 360° trading awareness

    The Market news feature is a powerful tool for traders looking to stay up-to-date with the latest market events. It enables them to take advantage of situations as they happen and change course accordingly so that their trading experience never becomes boring!

  • Trading insider

    On the XCITE platform, you can see what other traders are doing with their portfolios. As they say – great minds think alike, and you’ll be able to get an idea for your next trade!

  • The Economic Calendar A treasure map

    The Economic Calendar is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to stay ahead of market trends. Whenever you receive a signal notification from the Economic Calendar, you shall assess the information received on significant events occurred on any given day and other critical aspects like trends or changes within individual companies and in order to get a better understanding of how. these can affect your trading The marketing calendar allows one greater insight when interacting across sectors by reading signals given off through different mediums—such as social media networks, email campaigns, etc.

  • Autochartist: Tech analysis at the tip of your fingers

    Autochartist is an intelligent and intuitive charting tool for traders who want easily absorbed information about the market. It can help you with volatility analysis, which could potentially give you a better insight when trading.

  • XCITE Platform: A bespoke experience

    We offer to all our traders a comprehensive Academy section to get the gist of trading, right from the start. Register today to open a trading account with us to have the opportunity to explore our innovative trading system and find out how it can benefit your portfolio!

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Need Help?
Visit our help section

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