Get to know Autochartist


One of the most elaborate helping tools and the pride of Finansero’s platform

Autochartist is such a helpful innovation, and it saves time otherwise needed to analyze enormous amounts of data. Autochartist is a tool that helps investors build a more informed trading strategy.

But what Autochartist does?

There are thousands of chart patterns, probabilities indices, forecasts, support, and resistance levels that come into play when making technical analyses. Autochartist takes away the hassle of doing all that and provides you with a real competitive edge when making your informed investment decision. The brilliant tool can recognize periods with relatively higher volatility; it’s useful when the time comes for setting the exit levels. Autochartist is like a friendly personal analyst on demand that will notify you of significant daily updates or big market shifts.

What is the secret sauce of Autochartist?

Autochartist tries to identify significant market events and compares them to vast amounts of historical data, patterns, and past performance. The result of all that work is probability filters that can be a real treasure for your investment decision. The tool provides volatility analysis, too – it is looking for periods when the prices of a particular asset are drifting faster, again based on historical data. Then it suggests exit levels.

How to customize the Autochartist and make it your own?

You can do this from the Trading Community. Another way to personalize this tool is by checking the e-books and resources Finansero provides. Like a jewel in the crown of Finansero’s platform, we highly recommend using Autochartist. Because investing in CFDs is based on decision-making, our tool is entirely automated. It could be helpful when our traders set their investing strategy and make their investing decisions.

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