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What exactly are cookies?

The websites you visit send cookies (small pieces of data) to your computer. They are designed to help websites remember important information about the users that visit them in order to make browsing easier for the user.

How many types of cookies are there?

There are four types of cookies that can be separated into two categories.

  • Session cookie – the session cookie is the shortest-lived cookies. It lasts only while you are browsing a certain website. Once you close the website (end your session) the cookie it deleted.
  • Permanent cookie – the permanent cookie doesn’t get deleted when you exit the browser. Every time you visit the same website its information will be transmitted to the server. These cookies are used to store your login information and make it easier for you to enter your online accounts.

Another distinction is made between First-party cookies and Third-party cookies:

  • First-party cookie (also known as Internal cookie) – this type of cookie is tasked with collecting analytical data and remembering your language and other preferences. The information is stored by the website you are visiting directly (ex.
  • Third-party cookie – it appears on websites that have banners or advertisements from external websites (third parties). They are used to gather information for marketers to help them better tailor their products to specific users. Third-party cookies are not created by the website you are visiting but by third-party domains, hence the name.

Cookies & personal information

When cookies are created, they do not contain any personal information – they are not tasked to scan your computer or try to find out your personal information. Only once you’ve filled a website’s form will the cookies get your personal information. Even then the information is stored in code, and it is unreadable to any third party. The only one that can decode and read it is the website that created the cookies in the first place.

What are cookies used for and how to manage them?

We use cookies to provide you with a better experience when using our website. You can clear, remove and manage cookies. The exact procedure depends on the browser you are using. You may disable some or all cookies on your browser. This way, you can either refuse all cookies or receive notification each time a cookie is sent, and thereby decide whether to accept it or not.

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