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Our helping tools are an intelligent way to improve your successful trade chances.

We cannot imagine the life of a trader without having useful and intuitive tools at their disposal. That is why Finansero provides its customers with a handful of helping research tools. Our platform even offers different charts, indicating the price movement of different currency pairs, commodities, indices, and stocks alongside other trading information.

Types of charts offered by Finansero

The line chart
The simplest form of representation of price movement is the line chart. Usually, it is used by beginner traders. In this type of chart, the line connects the points of the value of the closing price of the particular asset. Besides simplicity, another benefit of the line chart is the easy recognition of technical patterns.

The bar chart
The bar chart can be helpful when you want to know the opening, closing, high and lows prices of financial instruments and for a certain period. The top point of each vertical bar indicates the highest price of the financial instrument, while the lowest traded price is shown at the bottom of the vertical bar. The opening and closing prices of each financial instrument are shown on the left and right side of the vertical bar, respectively. This type of chart can also show bear or bullish trends and, in this version, is used by experienced traders.

The candlestick chart
This type of chart is the most complicated one at first glance, but you can see how useful it is. Candlestick charts are used by traders to determine possible price movement of a financial instrument based on past patterns. You have more components. There are four elements that you should keep an eye on. These four indicators show four price points i.e. open price, close price, high and low price throughout a period of time. It’s a combination of all the other types of charts, and once a trader is used to it, they rarely use another type.

How important is chart-reading?

As any experienced trader knows, chart-reading is a sine qua non skill. Everything starts from the chart. The charts represent trends. When you read a chart the right way, you can spot a trend that is still not on the news and take advantage of it. When you read a chart the right way, you can see the big picture simultaneously or even before the big investors see it. You can use a chart to your advantage as the information included therein can help you make better investment decisions by saving you valuable time. That is why it is extremely important for an experienced trader to find the chart that suits them best.

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