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Commodities. But what are they?

In the world of business, commodities can be defined as any basic good that’s used in production or required for certain services. The difference between them lies in their quality and how they’re traded – some might have more importance than others, depending on what grade standards are set each year.

What is up for trading on Finansero?

The CFDs of Commodities can be sorted into several basic categories: metal, energy, livestock, agricultural, and meat. As humankind progresses, more and more new types of commodities appear, for example, cell phone minutes or bandwidth. On Finansero, you can trade all popular commodities as our platform is safe and hassle-free to use.

CFDs of metal commodities

We provide CFDs of the “classic” commodities such as silver, aluminum, copper, gold, oil. But in general, commodities are a quite interesting category of assets. The current political situation between the countries affects the established commodities. On the other, the progress of humans puts under the spotlight new commodities such as lithium – it is vital to produce the battery of electric cars, smartphones, etc. Other materials are destined to become stars, such as cobalt and nickel. The future is full of opportunities for new materials to become much more important than today.

CFDs of energy Commodities

Energy commodities are key factors for external affairs and relationships between countries. Situations such as gas crisis or oil crisis can affect the whole world’s economy. Crude oil and natural gas rule the world and are very exciting to follow. You can map and try to predict the next steps of big companies and even countries by following the news around the energy flow between countries, new energies, renewables, etc.

CFDs of agricultural commodities

Here you can find rice, corn, wheat, coffee, cocoa – basic food ingredients. The key element for this type of commodity is the long-term weather forecasts, and another factor that can come into play is the demographic one. Of course, like any other type of commodity, the agricultural one depends on social trends and new types of foods being developed. The vegan wave worldwide makes certain plants more and more important for the food industry. It will be interesting what we will be putting on the table in 20 years.

CFDs of livestock and meat commodities

On the Finansero platform, you can trade pork meat, live cattle, lean hogs, feeder cattle. Is the bio trend going to “kill” the killing of cows? The laboratory meat is on the table, and plant-based alternatives too.
This could lead to fewer but more exquisite types of meat. Consumers decide the fate of the new development in the food industry, which makes livestock commodities so interesting to follow.

As you can see, commodities are far from boring and not only crude oil and gas, and they are an exciting trading opportunity. If you want to know more about them and how to trade them on our platform, don’t hesitate to register.

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