Professional Clients

In order to be classified as an Elective Professional client you need to have the knowledge, experience and capabilities to make your own decisions as an investor. Elective professional clients are fully aware of the risks involved.

Please be informed that to be an Elective Professional Client, you must accept to waive certain protections under the rules of business conduct, such as the right to compensation under the Investor Compensation Fund and the right to address a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman. The risk associated by using higher leverage should also be noted. If certain criteria are fulfilled, Retail Clients can request to be treated as Elective Professional clients . For further information, see the Client Categorization Policy. 

If you are willing to be treated as a Professional client, there are two options to do that. The first one is through our Request Form, and the second one is via the Application for Professional Clients that you can find on our website. 

Trading Features
Professional Clients
Currencies max leverage1:200
Commodities max leverage1:200
Indices max leverage1:100
Stocks max leverage1:10
Cryptocurrencies max leverage1:2
ETFs max leverage1:10
Synthetic Derivatives max leverage1:5
Segregated client money
Negative balance protection
Best execution for orders
Clear and transparent information
Financial Ombudsman protection
Investor compensation
Need Help? Visit our help section
Need Help?
Visit our help section

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Our apologies, but we cannot serve clients from this country at this time.