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Q2 2024 Earnings: 10 spread-free trades

1. Available from 24.06.2024 (00:00:00h UTC) until 30.06.2024 (23:59:59h UTC).

2. For the spread-free trades to be added, the customer needs to log-in to his/her account within the above-mentioned period. Spread-free trades will be given only upon first log-in within the above-mentioned period.

3. Spread-free trades need to be used within 3 days (72 hours) after receiving them.

4. Spread-free trades are valid for trades where the “Enable 100% spread cashback on this position” is enabled (tick the box to enable it).

5. All trades that are opened without activating the cashback tool (point 4 above), will be opened with a normal spread being charged.

6. All trades opened after the 10 spread-free trades are used, will be charged with normal spread.

7. Rollover during this period will be paid based on the last rollover paid before the start date in point 1 above.

8. Clients can request the removal of the spread-free trades at any given moment by contacting the customer support team.

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Need Help?
Visit our help section

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